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This plugin does reside IntelliJ's online plugin repository, you can search for "Team Foundation Server - Version Control Integration" to install the plugin from the online repository. Please use the the following instructions to install the plugin from the online repository. Using the repository installation IntelliJ will notify you automatically 1-2 days after a new release is made available online.

The plugin may also be installed by downloading a copy of the release here from the CodePlex site and manually installing it, though installing this way does not provide the nice auto-update features you have more control of which release of the plugin you are using.
  1. Download the release you wish to use from
    1. The installation will be a single zip file, IntelliJ will extract this file during the installation so there is no need to extract it now.
    2. Write down the location you are downloading the release file to, you will need this path later.
  2. Open IntelliJ
  3. Open the settings window by clicking File > Settings
  4. Select the Plugins section
  5. Click the "Install plugin from disk..." button
    1. Browse to the location where you previously downloaded the Plugin release zip file
    2. Select the zip file and click Ok
  6. Click Apply or Ok on the Settings dialog
  7. Allow IntelliJ to restart for the plugin to be usable

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