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Visual Studio Online utilizes a cookie based authentication, that we haven't been able to get to function correctly yet. While we hope to have's native authentication working in the near future since we realize integration with this provider is important to many potential users. Currently the only way to authenticate to any (or server is through the use of a feature known as as "Alternate Authentication Credentials". We will continue working on adding the newer and more secure "Personal Access Token" method in the near future as well if native authentication takes longer than expected to implement.

To enable Alternate Authentication Credentials first navigate to your website and log in, then follow the below instructions.
  1. Open your profileprofile.png
  2. Click on the security tab
  3. Click Alternate authentication credentials
  4. Enable Alternate authentication credentials enableCredentials.png Note: you must supply both a secondary user name, and a password.

You are now ready to use the IntelliJ Team Foundation Server plugin with you Visual Studio Online projects. When you are prompted to login to the Project Collection, please remember to use the secondary user name and password you have setup.

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